In today's innovative and constantly changing markets, capital isn't enough in order to stay in the game and achieve sustainable growth.  Our Group has over 100 combined years' hands-on experience and an understanding of multi-national corporations and enterprise, as well as over 40 years of VC and start up valuation experience.  We have connections with tier one customers in numerous technology domains.  Our work spans geographies, enabling us to understand the nuances of building trust and doing business with different cultures.  Our broad local and global network, including Israeli startup communities and the entire ecosystem, ensures our ability to select the most promising startups and mentor them to success. 


4Tech Capital empowers early-stage entrepreneurs with everything they need for rapid growth and differentiation, while most importantly, creating value for customers, shareholders and the startups. We discover the most ambitious and visionary founders, selecting and investing in startups with strong IP, large market potential and the ability to execute.  We act as trusted advisors to transform their vision and ideas throughout their journey - setting strategy, pricing models, marketing, recruiting key employees, overcoming operational challenges, and growing customer relationships.  At a later stage, we assist the startups in finding next stage financing, or when relevant, the best exit routes.